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Health Risk Assessments

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Initial Health Assessment (IHA) Overview and Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) Training

Please take a few minutes to view the training at the link below. At the end of the training, which is less than 15 minutes in length, please be sure to click the link and follow the instructions to input you name, title, and clinic name so we know you have participated. If you have any questions about the SHA training, please ask for a QI nurse at (831) 430-2622.

Initial Health Assessment Overview and Staying Healthy Assessment Training

Initial Health Assessment Billing Code List

Staying Healthy Assessment: A State-Mandated Individual Risk Assessment Tool

The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) requires primary care providers to administer a Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) on all Medi-Cal managed care members within 120 days of enrollment with the Alliance and again at defined intervals. The Staying Healthy Assessment is the mandated assessment tool.

The DHCS website has background information, the MMCD Policy Letter, copies of the SHA forms, and additional resources such as Behavioral Risk Topics At-A-Glance, Adult Questions by Age Group, Pediatric Questions by Age Group, Provider Office Instructions Sheet, and more.

DHCS Staying Healthy Assessment Website

Using the Staying Healthy Assessment

The Staying Healthy Assessment is an age-appropriate questionnaire designed to be self-administered by the patient or parent. Alternatively, the patient or parent may be asked SHA questions verbally and responses recorded directly in the patient's electronic medical record. Per State requirements, the tool must be administered at the Initial Health Assessment and again at defined age intervals. The tool design helps providers to quickly identify patient needs for health education counseling and services.

The Periodicity of SHA administration is summarized in the below table:


• More information about how and when to use the SHA can be found via the
  following link:

  SHA Instruction Sheet for the Provider Office

• The SHA Questionnaires in all of the California threshold languages are available
  from the DHCS website:

  Staying Healthy Assessment Questionnaires

• The Alliance also supplies bulk quantities of the SHA Questionnaires to Alliance
  Providers on request. Use the fax-in Staying Healthy Assessment Order Form to
  request SHA Questionnaires in various threshold languages.

If you have questions or need assistance with health education referrals for your patients, please contact the Health Education Line at (800) 700-3874 ext. 5580.


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