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Physical Accessibility Review

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The Physical Accessibility Review (PAR) was mandated by DHCS in 2012 (MMCD Policy Letter 12-006). It is an expanded requirement relating to the services provided to Medi-Cal members who are seniors and/or persons with disabilities (SPDs). The PAR is also known as Attachment C of the Facility Site Review. The PAR criteria evaluate the level of accessibility of the health care site and determine the level of access to a provider.

The PAR survey is not scored and is used for informational purposes only. Regardless of the findings, no corrective action plan is required. The PAR must be done for all primary care provider sites serving Medi-Cal patients, and for specialists and allied providers serving a high volume of Medi-Cal members who are Seniors and Persons with Disabilities.

Alliance staff will schedule the PAR with providers and conduct the review. The estimated amount of time for the PAR is two hours. If you have any questions about the PAR, please contact the Alliance Quality Improvement Nurse at (831) 430-5767.

Physical Accessibility Review (PAR)
This is the tool used during the Physical Accessibility Review.

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