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On a regular basis the Alliance distributes faxes and emails with current news relevant to your practice to ensure you are up to date on the latest services, benefits, policies and tips. Click the button below to sign up to receive news via email. An archive of past notifications organized by date can also be found below.










• March 19: Update to Medi-Cal Lab Rates


• December 21: Streamlining Authorization Processes
• December 21: Ensuring Access toTransgender Services
• December 16: Pre-Vaccination Form for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
• December 16: Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine: Standing Orders for Administering Vaccine to Persons 16 Years of Age and Older
• December 2: New Provider Manual Effective January 1, 2021 is available
• November 17: Documentation Requirements for Billing Telephonic Initial Health Assessment (IHA) Visits
• November 12: 2021 Care-Based Incentive (CBI) Workshop Webinar Recording Now Available
• November 12: Reminder: Annual Provider Appointment Availability Survey
• November 4: New Feature added to California Immunization Registry (CAIR)
• November 4: Introducing Medi-Cal Rx
• October 14: Reminder: Upcoming 2021 Care-Based Incentive (CBI) Workshop Webinar
• October 14: Update to Controlling High Blood Pressure Measure for Care Delivered in 2020
• October 14: Public Health Emergency Renewal
• October 1: New Provider Manual Effective October 1, 2020 is available
• October 1: Reminder: Annual Provider Appointment Availability Survey
• October 1: Alliance Well-Child Visit Member Letter and Robocall Campaign
• September 30: New Provider Immunization Resources Web Page
• September 23: Upcoming 2021 Care-Based Incentive (CBI) Workshop Webinar
• September 16: Alliance Provider Payments and Change Healthcare/ECHO Health Inc.
• September 3: Synagis® (Palivizumab) 2020-2021 Authorization Guidelines
• August 20: Important Updates to Claims
• August 14: Update: Accessing Alliance Language Assistance Services During COVID-19
• August 5: 2020/2021 Influenza Season Billing/Coding Updates
• August 5: HEDIS Measurement Year 2019 Provider Performance Report
• July 16: Request to Opt-in Form
• July 16: Suicide Prevention Guidance from DHCS
• April 6: Well-Child Visits During COVID-19 Pandemic
• April 1: New Provider Manual Effective April 1, 2020 is Available
• March 25: For the Alliance Provider Network: Guidance on Telehealth Services
• March 25: Updates to Accessing Alliance Language Assistance Services During COVID-19
• March 18: Updates to Alliance Provider Support During COVID-19 Pandemic
• February 13: Full-Scope Medi-Cal for Young Adults
• January 23: 2020 DHCS Encounter Data Audit
• January 22: 2020 HEDIS Season is Here!
• January 22: Billing Requirements for Hospital Inpatient Services: Statement Dates
• January 22: Billing Requirements for Physician Administered Drugs


• December 17: New Prop 56 Incentives Available
• December 11: Update to Radiology Rates: Adjustments from Medi-Cal
• October 31: Upcoming DHCS Audit – Provider Site Visits
• October 24: 2020 Provider Manual effective January 1, 2020
• October 24: Member Release of Information Forms and Toolkit - Compliance Section
• October 16: Childhood Immunization Status (CIS) Measure Shift
• October 16: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
• October 1: 2019 Provider Manual effective October 1, 2019
• August 21: DHCS initiating a Value-Based Payment Program
• July 22: Emergency Department Referrals for Ophthalmology Services
• July 3: 2019 Provider Manual effective July 3, 2019
• June 26: Protecting Infants from Pertussis
• June 12: Save The Date: CBI Provider Reports Webinar
• June 12: HEDIS 2020 New Measures Update
• June 6: New Provider Manual Effective August 9, 2019 is Available
• May 29: Depression Screening and Follow-Up (DSF) Toolkit and Tip Sheet
• May 14: DHCS Timely Access Surveys
• April 26: 2019 Provider Manual effective July 1, 2019
• April 24: CDC Alert: Measles Outbreak
• April 15: Reminder: Outpatient Physician Administered Drugs
• April 12: 2019 Provider Manual effective June 17, 2019
• April 10: Alliance Formulary Update
• April 2: 2019 Provider Manual effective April 2, 2019
• March 27: Upload Diabetic Retinal Exams via the Data Submission Tool
• March 27: 2018-2019 Influenza Season Billing/Coding Updates
• March 14: HEDIS 2018 Provider Performance Feedback Report
• March 13: Upper Billing Limits Update
• March 5: Urgent Visit Access Program
• February 25: Data Submission Tool Now Accepting IHAs
• February 4: Provider Portal Enhancements
• January 30: 2019 HEDIS Season is Here
• January 24: 2019 Provider Manual effective April 1, 2019
• January 11: 2018 Quality Improvement Webinars Archived
• January 10: Announcing Two Member Immunization Incentives for 2019
• January 2: Revised Provider Dispute Process
• January 1: 2019 Provider Manual effective January 1, 2019


• December 12: Update: The Alliance Weight Watchers Support Program is now the Wellness that Works Support Program
• December 12:CHDP Program Reimbursement for Snellen Test
• December 5: Compounded Prescriptions
• December 5: New Enhancements to the Data Submission Tool
• November 28: Syphilis Treatment Options
• November 1: CCS/WCM Referrals and Authorizations FAQ
• October 31: Asthma and COPD: List of Preferred Alternatives
• October 31: Replacement Breast Pump Supplies for DME Effective November 1, 2018
• October 24: New Provider Manual Effective Jan. 1, 2019
• October 18: Reminder: Physician Administered Drugs
• October 18: Synagis® (Palivizumab) 2018-2019 Authorization Guidelines
• October 10: New Hepatitis B Vaccine for Adults
• October 10: National Correct Coding Initiative Quarterly Updates
• October 8: Reminder: Annual Provider Appointment and Availability Survey
• October 1: New Provider Manual Effective 10/1/18
• September 28: Update to Radiology Rates Effective October 1, 2018
• September 12: 2018-2019 Influenza Season Billing/Coding Updates
• September 12: Claim Adjustments for Retroactive Rate Updates
• September 12: Reminder: Diagnosis Codes
• August 30: CDC Update: Tuberculosis Infection Treatment Guidelines
• August 22: Crossover Claims and National Drug Codes
• August 22: Initial Health Assessment Dummy Code
• August 16: Reminder: Physician-Administered Drugs
• August 2: Pertussis Epidemic and Prenatal Tdap Resources
• July 25: Medi-Cal Screening and Enrollment
• July 6: CCS Transition: Carve-Out Drug Billing, TAR Request Process
• July 5: Reminder: July 1, 2018 CCS Integration & WCM
• July 5: Advance Care Directive: Tips and Billing Information
• July 1: New Provider Manual Effective 7/1/18
• June 28: Behavioral Health Treatment Transition
• June 22: CCS and the Whole Child Model: Quick Reference Guide
• June 13: Hospice Routine Home Care REV 0651 Update
• May 23: Shingrix Recommendations
• May 23: SBIRT Screening: CHDP Members 11-17 Years of Age
• May 16: New Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program Funding Opportunity
• May 16: CURES 2.0 Mandatory Use Begins October 2, 2018
• April 18: 7 Day Opioid Limit for Opioid Naive Patients
• April 12: Electronic Medicare Crossover Claims
• March 1: Reminder: Referrals for Orthopedic Services
• March 1: Reminder: DME Billing
• February 21: 2018 HEDIS Season is Here!
• February 21: CNM Billing Clarification: Modifier AS
• February 14: Cervical Cancer Screening Data Submission Tool is Available
• February 14: Reminder: EDI Inquiry/Verification
• February 14: Save the Date! 2018 Immunization Webinar Series
• February 7: CHDP Billing Clarification
• February 7: New Opioid Ceiling Policy Updates Effective 4/1/18
• February 1: Save the Date! 2018 Immunization Webinar Series
• February 1: Updates to Diabetes Prevention and Self-Management Benefit
• February 1: New Non-Medical Transportation Vendor: Call the Car
• January 25: New Provider Manual Effective 4/1/18
• January 24: Cervical Cancer Screening Data Submission Tool Coming Soon
• January 24: DHCS Encounter Data Audit
• January 24: Improved Physical Therapy Referral and Auth Process
• January 24: 2017 HbA1c Data Submission Deadline
• January 24: Setting Up EDI Claims Submission
• January 10: DHCS Appointment Access Study


• December 22: Prior Auth Requests for Palliative Care Services
• December 20: What’s New for the 2018 CBI Program?
• December 13: DHCS Medi-Cal Screening & Enrollment Requirement
• December 6: Public Health Alert: Immunize MSM Against Hepatitis A
• December 7: Palliative Care Benefit Available January 1, 2018
• December 6: Reminder: HIV PrEP/PEP Medication Benefit
• December 1: New Provider Manual Effective 12/1/17
• November 8: Upcoming Improvements to Paper Remittance Advice
• November 8: Reminder: Mammography Guidelines
• November 1: New Quality Reports on the Provider Portal
• October 26: CHDP Code Conversion Update
• October 26: CBI Generic Prescriptions Measure Update
• October 25: New Provider Manual Effective 1/1/18
• October 18: Synagis 2017-2018 Authorization Guidelines
• October 18: Synagis 2017-2018 Authorization Guidelines
• October 10: HbA1C Data Submission Tool Available
• October 4: Valid ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Requirement
• October 1: New Provider Manual Effective 10/1/17
• September 21: Non-Medical Transportation Benefit
• September 21: Delays in Access to Spanish Speaking Interpreters
• September 6: Effective 1/1/18: Electronic Authorization Required for Medications
• September 5: September Member Eligibility Files Now Available
• September 1: 2017-2018 Influenza Season - Billing/Coding Updates
• July 26: Facilities Billing on the UB04 Claim Form
• July 19: Hepatitis A Outbreak
• July 14: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Benefit
• July 7: Corrected Information: E780.0 Billing Code Update
• July 5: Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program to Sunset Two Funding Opportunities Effective 7/17/17
• June 29: New Provider Manual Effective 7/2/17
• June 13: Medicaid Managed Care Final Rule Effective July 1, 2017
• June 9: CHDP Transition – Important Information
• June 7: Medical Transportation Benefit Documentation Requirements
• June 7: Smoking Cessation Benefit Documentation Required
• June 7: Save the Date! Upcoming Webinars
• June 5: eConsult Program Available to PCPs
• June 1: Provider Preventable Conditions: New Reporting Requirements
• Upcoming Webinars – Click Here
• June 15: Corrected Information: Pediatric Developmental Screenings
• May 10: CBI Measure: SBIRT Claims Update
• April 24: New Provider Manual Effective 7/1/17
• April 24: Intrauterine Contraceptive Billing Requirement Updates
• April 19: IHA Incentive Reminder
• April 12: EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. Recall
• April 5: Upcoming CBI Webinar Series
• April 5: 90-Day Provider Portal Password Change
• April 5: 2016-2017 Flu Vaccine Rate Change
• March 29: CHDP Code Conversion Update
• March 29: Rate Updates for Codes 88112 and 88333
• March 29: Termination of Local Dialysis Codes
• March 22: HCPCS 2016 Code Changes for Intrauterine Contraceptives
• March 22: Billing Updates for Allergy Injections
• March 22: CBI for Advance Care Planning
• March 15: CBI Program Updates
• March 13: Face-to-Face Interpreting Service Requests
• March 10: Billing for Newborn Medi-Cal Members
• March 8: 2017 HEDIS Season is Here
• February 17 Clarification: Lab Services Diagnosis Codes
• February 16: HEDIS 2017 FAQs
• February 2: Important Synagis Information
• February 2: Behavioral Health Referral Form Updates
• February 1: Updated Flu Vaccine Guidelines
• January 25: Cervical Cytology Screening Measure: Submit Additional Data
• January 25: Cervical Cytology Screening Template
• January 25: Enhanced Primary Care Pain Management Program
• January 25: CBI Reporting: Cervical Cancer Screening
• January 25: Custom FFS forms for CBI
• January 25: DME Quarter Rate Update
• January 18: 90-Day Provider Portal Password Change
• January 9: Tobacco Cessation Counseling Benefit
• January 5: CBI Program: 2017 Changes


HEDIS 2017 – Provider Medical Record Location and Contact Form
Changes to Face-to-Face Interpreting Services
New Face-to-Face Interpreting Services Request Form
New Reporting Requirements for Provider Preventable Conditions
January 1, 2017 Provider Manual Available
New Claims Processing System Highlights
New Claims Processing System
New Claims Adjudication System
Same Day Exception to PCP Change
October 1, 2016 Provider Manual Available
2016 CPT-4/HCPCS Updates for Home Health
2016/2017 Flu Vaccine Guidelines
CPT-4/HCPCS Updates
Weight Watcher’s Scholarship Application Available on Alliance Provider Website!
Provider Portal Changes Coming on October 5, 2016
Updates to the Alliance Clinical Health Education Benefits
Reporting Unauthorized Disclosures of Alliance Member Information
New California Vaccine Requirements
Billing for Time Based Anesthesia Services
Reimbursement for EHR Services Available through DHCS
Oral Nutrition Supplements
Specialists: Direct Referrals to Physical Therapists
End of Life Services
Antigen Therapy Services Code Conversion
Changes to Provider Directory Information & Updates
Alliance Hand Specialists Referrals
July 1, 2016 Provider Manual Available
Update on the Alliance’s Authorization Process
TRUEresult® and TRUE2go® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems Discontinued
Correction: HPV-9 Billing Code
Correction: CLIA Waived Labs Modifier
Medi-Cal Coverage for All Children Implementation Coming Soon
Expanded Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program: New Funding Opportunities
Specialist to Specialist Referrals
Specialist Referrals for Physical Therapy
Emergency Department Referrals to Orthopedic Surgeons
April 1, 2016 Provider Manual
Healthy Kids Coverage Ends 6/30/16
Provider Portal Update: New Processes for Referrals and Authorizations
Increased Payment for Specialty and Primary Care Services
2016 HEDIS Season is Here
HEDIS 2016: FAQs
New Quantity Limits for Opioids
HPV-9 Benefit Update
Vision Resources for Members with Diabetes
Change in Reimbursable Antepartum Visits
Carved Out Antipsychotics Drugs
Effective 3/10/16: Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies Will Require Prior Authorization
Expanded Acupuncture and Chiropractic Benefits
Overrides for Medication Dose Changes


New E-Prescribing Tool
Case Management Referral Form
New Initial Health Assessment Billing Codes
2016 Care Based Incentives Workshop Dates
Changes to 2016 Case Managed Code
HPV-9 Billing Update
Pharmacy Formulary Change: Budesonide Respules Age Limit
January 1, 2016 Provider Manual
New Provider Portal Reports Track ED Visits and Inpatient Admissions
Frequently Asked Questions About ICD-10: Treatment Authorizations
ICD-10 Testing Extended Until 12/31/15
Flu Vaccine Guidelines 2015 - 2016
PCP Billing for Mental Health Screenings for Medi-Cal Members
ICD-10 Transition: How to Handle Existing Authorizations and Referrals
Post-pregnancy Contraception
Recommendations for Synagis: 2015-2016 Season (Monterey/Santa Cruz)
Recommendations for Synagis: 2015-2016 Season (Merced)
Opportunity for Alliance-Funded PCMH Consulting
Expansion of Pregnant Member Benefits
Prenatal Immunizations Combat Pertussis Risk
Public Health Advisory Regarding Meningitis
Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program
Alliance Nurse Advice Line is Here!
Medical Transportation Code Conversion Table
Annual Monitoring for Patients on Persistent Medications - HEDIS Results
New Provider Portal Report: Open/Unused Referrals
Changes in Coverage of Hepatitis C Medications (PA Checklist and PA Request Form included)
Change in Pharmacy Authorization Process - Effective 8/1/15
Initial Health Assessment Coding and Billing Updates for PCPs
Adult Preventative Services Benefit Expansion
ACA Attested and Eligible Specialists ACA 1202 Claims Readjudication
Guidelines for Use of Psychotropic Medications in Foster Care
Reimbursement for Alcohol and Substance Disorder Services
New Inpatient Hospital Discharge Form
Postpartum (PP) Incentive: Changes to the PP Form
New Form for Reporting Provider Preventable Conditions
2015 CPT-4 and HCPCS Codes Not Yet Adopted for Medi-Cal
CHDP Billing for Purchased Vaccines
Weight Watchers Support Program Prior to Bariatric Surgery Referral
Medi-Cal Access Program - AIM Eligibility Change
Measles Tools for Clinicians
Procedure Codes for Physical Therapy
Effective 4/1/15: Sleep Studies Will Require Prior Authorization
Bariatric Surgery Referral Process


Change in Benefit for EKG Rates
Guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
ViaCare and Medi-Cruz Advantage Claims and Disputes
Oral Nutrition Supplement for Adults (Criteria for Coverage)
Influenza Vaccine Updates and Recommendations (2014/2015)
Tobacco Cessation Webinar: The Provider Quitkit
Weight Watchers Support Program
Santa Cruz County PCPs: Lithotripsy Referral Process
Screening Checklist for Autism Spectrum Disorder Available
Modifier 99 Not Recognized
Electronic Crossover Claims
New Benefit for Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder
2015 Provider Manual Available
Comprehensive Tobacco Cessation Services for Medi-Cal Members
Coverage to Care - Helpful Resource for Your New Alliance Patients
Important Information Regarding Timely Access Regulations
SBIRT Training for PCPs: CE Available
UPDATED: Helpful Hints to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening Reporting
Recommendations for Synagis: 2014-2015 Season (Monterey/Santa Cruz)
Recommendations for Synagis: 2014-2015 Season (Merced)
Exceptions to ICD Indicator Reporting
State Medi-Cal Erroneous Payment Corrections
Reclassification of Hydrocodone Combination Products to Schedule II
Helpful Hints to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening Reporting
Exceptions to ICD Indicator Reporting
OTC Contraceptives Covered for Healthy Kids, IHSS and
    Medi-Cal Access Program - AIM
New Guidelines for Hepatitis C Medication Coverage
Updated Provider Manual Available
Name Change: AIM Program is Now Medi-Cal Access Program
New Billing Code for Depo Provera
Pertussis is Widespread in California
ACA Payment Update
Physician Satisfaction Survey Mailing
SBIRT Benefit Expansion to all Alliance Programs
Alliance ACA Payment Update - Provider Action Items
Benefit Update: Enteral and Oral Nutrition Products
Clean Credentialing File Notification
CHDP Alliance Billing for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
ACA Payments to be Released to Attested & Eligible
    Providers in June 2014
Glucose Test Strips Quantity Limit
Credentialing for Locum Tenens
FCN Overpayment Letter Update
CBI Submission Deadlines & Reducing Denied Submissions
Provider Manual Update
LIHP Transition into Medi-Cal
IHA/SHA Resources & Training Module


Memo: New Mental Health Benefits for Alliance Medi-Cal Members
New Corrected Claim Instruction
LIHP Authorization Transition
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination V.2
Formulary Change
Self-Referral Services
Synagis Recommendations for Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties
Synagis Recommendations for Merced County
Modifier 59 and Required Documentation
LIHP Transition Provider Webinar
Seasonal Influenza Vaccination
New Staying Healthy Assessment Questionnaires released by DHCS
State Attestation Process
Healthy Families transition to Medi-Cal Pharmacy Information
Aid Code 80 Now Payable and Retroactively to July 1, 2012.
Credentialing of Non-Physician Medical Practitioners
Healthy Families Program Transition FAQs for Providers
Medi-Cal Provider-Preventable Conditions Reporting Form
Cervical Cancer Age Update
Provider Satisfaction Survey 2013
Change in Blood Glucose Test Strips
Alliance to Subsidize AB97 Medi-Cal Cuts
Hearing Aid Benefit
Clarification of Complaint Procedure
Conversion of Certain Physician Administered Drugs (PAD) from X Codes to J Codes
Ophthalmology and Vision Care/Professional Services Billing Update
HEDIS Kick Off
Notification of In-Patient or SNF Admissions
Foot Orthotic and Prosthetic Appliances Benefit Update
Change in Authorization Requirements for Unclassified Drugs J3490 and J3590
Provider Portal (Web Account) Password Change Required on January 28, 2013
MediCare D Coverage Change Rx Benzodiazephines


New Pharmacy Benefits Manager: MedImpact
Recommendations for Synagis 2012-2013 Santa Cruz/Monterey Counties
Recommendations for Synagis 2012-2013 Merced County
Site Review Tools and Guidelines Update
Billing Guidelines for Seasonal Influenza Vaccination 2012-2013
The Alliance and DHCS Announce Final Deadline for Required HIPAA 5010 Compliance
Rx Notification New Auth Form Change
Influenza Clinical Recommendations
Verify Eligibility for State Fee for Service
Provider Manual July 2012 Update
Retroeligibility Policy Change
CBI Forms Require Practice NPI
Physician Satisfaction Survey 2012
Alliance Medi-Cal Members with Other Health Coverage (OHC)
Anesthesia Billing
Resources for Care Based Incentives 2012
Care Coordination Survey
MediCruz Advantage Occupational Therapy
Well Care 2011 Frequency Change
Denials for Rendering FQ Providers
MediCruz Advantage Physician and Facility Administered Drugs
Paper Referral Improvements Referral Consultation Request
New Interpreter Service Pacific Interpreter
Update to Dental Anesthesia Policy
7B Denials to Billing
HIPPA 2010 transaction 5010_835 RA
LTC Rate Increase
Fee For Service Care Based Incentive Forms
Care Based Incentives 2012 New Resources Available
MediCruz Advantage Pharmacy Authorizations
HEDIS 2012 Kickoff Santa Cruz and Monterey
HEDIS 2012 Kickoff Merced
EDI 997_999 File Update
Rendering Provider Must be Included on Claim


Memo: Observation Codes are no Longer Benefits
Synagis Merced County
Memo: 2012 Care Based Incentive Program
Memo: Well Care 2011 Frequency Change
Memo: What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick
Memo: 2010-2011 Seasonal Flu Vaccine
Alliance Incentive Guide for PCPs


2010 Remittance Advice Guide
Ophthalmology Providers Billing CPT 92015; Determination of Refractive State
Fluzone High-Dose (90662)
Breast Pumps
Blister Packaging
PENICILLIN, Code Conversion
Optometry Service Reinstated as Medi-Cal Covered Benefit
Modifier ZS
2010 Pertussis Update
Incontinence Supply AR Limits
Fluoride Varnish Application
HPV for Females and Males
HPV updates for Females
Ceravix HPV Vaccine
Timely Referral Submission


Memo: Physician Admin Drugs Update
Memo: Seasonal & H1N1 Flu Vaccine
Memo: California's H1N1 Vaccine Website
Memo: Contracted Labs
Memo: HF Co-Payment Memo
Memo: 340B Drug Pricing Program Billing Requirements
Memo: Merced Providers - Where To Send Claims
Memo: List of Planned approved CLIA Waived labs
Memo: When to Refer to CCS for Audiology Services
Registered Warrants Issued to Specific Providers (IOU’s)
Memo: Optional Benefits Cuts
Memo: Alliance Clinical Lab Changes
Memo: BMI New Measure for QBI
Memo: Laparoscopic Gastric Lapbanding
Memo: Nutritional Supplements Payment and Authorizations
Memo: Medical Supplies and HIPAA Compliance
Memo: DME and Ostomy Supplies
Memo: Highlighting EOBs May Delay Claims Payment
Memo: Healthy Families
Memo: Timely Referrals to CCS for Eligible Conditions
Memo: Infliximab
Memo: Medical Supplies and HIPAA Compliance
Memo: Orthotic Insert Policy & Procedure
Memo: DTaP-Hib-IPV, DTap-IPV and Rotarix Vaccines
Memo: Healthy Families
Memo: Alliance Care AIM
Memo: New Salinas Office Location


Memo: BMI New Measure for QBI
Zosters Vaccine
State Budget for September
Billing for Influenza 2008-2009
Announcement: New Lab Vendor - LabCorp
Convert Blood Derivative Codes to National Standard Codes
Non Split-Billable Lab & Radiology Codes
Referrals to Providers Out of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties
Online Linked Member List Instructions
Memo NPI
Reporting Requirements for CPT-4 Codes 88141
Reimbursement for 90772 Injection
Reimbursement for Clinical Lab Services
Memo Tamper Resistant Rx Pads


2007 CPT-4 and HCPCS Updates
Medi-Cal Billing for Influenza Vaccination
Tamper Resistant RX pads extension
Tamper Resistant RX pads
Orthotics Policy: Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes and Inserts
CPT-4 Codes 76376 and 76377 Non-covered for Medi-cal
Digital Mammography
Echo cardiology Documentation for CPT Code 93350


Submitting your NPI/New CMS 1500 Claim Form




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