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Interpreter Services

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Interpreter Services

Federal and state laws require medical providers to offer qualified interpreters when needed. Using an untrained interpreter may result in miscommunication of medical information and compromise quality of care.

Alliance Services

The Alliance pays for 24-hour telephone interpreters for Alliance members with limited English proficiency (LEP). Click here for a complete list of languages offered by highly skilled professional interpreters. For more information about using this service free of charge, contact your provider services representative or call 831-430-5540. The Alliance will arrange for face-to-face interpreters for hearing impaired members or for special care situations for LEP members. Prior authorization by phone is required for face-to-face interpreters (1-800-700-3874 x5625). See your Provider Manual for details on how to access services.

Free Tools

Contact Provider Services (831-430-5540) to request:

Alliance Interpreter Services Quick Reference Guide, a laminated color poster.

• Chart labels to document Alliance patient language and offer/refusal of interpreter services (Order free labels for your Alliance members or use this template to print on 2’ x 4’ shipping labels.)

Interpreter Tips

Summary of Requirements

Per Federal and State regulations and Alliance contracts, Alliance medical providers must:

• Offer LEP and hearing-impaired patients a qualified interpreter at no cost to the patient.

• Not require patients to bring their own interpreters or suggest that they use a friend or family member to interpret.

• Document every patient’s language in the medical record.

• Document in the medical record if the patient refuses an interpreter and prefers to use a family member or friend.

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