Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program

About the Alliance's Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program

The Central California Alliance for Health (the Alliance) is a locally governed regional non-profit health plan that serves approximately 330,000 members in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Merced counties. Our mission is accessible, quality health care guided by local innovation.

The Alliance established the Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program in July 2015 in response to the rapid expansion of the Medi-Cal population as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We offer grants to local organizations to support efforts to increase the availability, quality and access of health care and supportive services for Medi-Cal members in Merced, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties.

Priority Focus Areas

The Alliance has identified four priority focus areas for its grant program. All projects receiving grant funding must address one or more of our focus areas and advance the goals associated with that focus area.

   1. Increasing Provider Capacity;

   2. Expanding Access to Behavioral Health and Substance Use Disorder Services;

   3. Developing and Strengthening High Utilizer Support Resources; and

   4. Promoting Healthy Eating and Active Living

Learn more about the Priority Focus Areas and Goals for the Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program.

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View the Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program 2019 Impact Report:
Medi-Cal Capacity Grant Program 2019 Impact Report Cover



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