Find a Doctor

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How do I find a doctor or health provider?

Use the Provider Directory to find a doctor and choose your Primary Care Provider (PCP).

There are three ways to look for a PCP:

1. Search the online Provider Directory

Click here for a helpful resource that explains how to use the online directory.

2. Download the Provider Directory

3. Use the printed Provider Directory

When you joined the Alliance we mailed you a printed Provider Directory.

If you would like a printed copy of the provider directory, please call Alliance Member Services Department at 1-800-700-3874.

Choosing or Changing your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Once you have found a PCP, fill out the Provider Selection Form online or call the Member Services department at 1-800-700-3874. If the doctor or clinic accepts new patients, you will receive a card with your ID number on it, the PCP’s name and phone number, and other important contact information. If the PCP only accepts established patients, we will have to verify that you have been seen there within the last year before we can send you a card. If you cannot pick that PCP, we will contact you to pick another doctor.

To change your PCP, call the Member Services department at 1-800-700-3874. The change will be in effect the first of the next month.

Visit Your Doctor

Set up and go to your first appointment.

For New Medi-Cal Members: We want to help you have a great start when you enroll with us. You can start by picking a PCP and calling their office to make an appointment for a new patient exam. In the new patient exam your PCP learns about you and your health.

Prepare for your appointment.

Review the Preparing for Your Appointment Checklist. This will help you get the most from your doctor’s appointment and get all your questions answered.