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Staying Healthy Assessment

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The California Department of Health Services requires Medi-Cal managed care providers to perform an Individual Health Education Behavioral Assessment (IHEBA) as part of the initial health assessment for new patients within 120 days of enrollment. To establish a consistent standard around the state, the California Department of Health Services (DHS) mandated use of the Staying Healthy Assessment tool starting in spring 2000. In 2006, DHS released revised Staying Healthy forms (forms bookmark on Staying Healthy Page)and new bilingual translations available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Lao, Hmong, and Russian.

Why do Individual Health Education Behavioral Assessment?

Many patients are at high risk for disease due to lifestyle and behavior. Behavioral risk factors may contribute to 50% of preventable mortality in the U.S. Much of this mortality could be avoided through increased patient counseling and referral to treatment programs by providers. Unfortunately, for most risk factors only about 20% of patients receive appropriate counseling and referral from providers.*

The Staying Healthy Assessment Tool

The Staying Healthy Assessment helps health care providers identify risks and promote healthy behaviors to prevent disease, injury, and disability. DHS developed and field tested the tool in collaboration with health plans, providers, and other experts. The questions are based on recom­mendations of major national authorities including the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and the U.S. Public Health Service.

The Staying Healthy Assessment tool is an age-appropriate questionnaire designed to be self-administered by the patient or parent (or with assistance for patients with reading or comprehension difficulties). The tool design will help you quickly identify patient needs for health education counseling and services. To complement the tool, patient education handouts are available for each age level.

Per State requirements, the tool must be administered at the initial health exam and again at defined age intervals. See How to Use the Staying Healthy Assessment for detailed instructions. The Provider Checklist is a quick reference reminder guide.

How the Alliance can help

The Alliance has distributed a Provider Resource Guide to all providers. The Guide includes master copies of forms, instructions, and referral resources. You may also access these resources from the main Staying Healthy web page.

The Alliance also provides forms in bulk quantities on provider request. Please use the Staying Healthy Assessment Order Form. For other assistance or to request a new copy of the Provider Resource Guide, please contact the Alliance Senior Health Educator (831-430-5570).

* California Department of Health Services, Office of Clinical and Preventive Medicine, From website: http://www.dhs.ca.gov/ps/ocpm/, 3/21/06.






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