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Diabetes Self Management Tool Kit


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Provider Tools

• 01 Diabetes: Numbers At-a-Glance & Management Schedule

• 02 Steps for Preventing Diabetes Foot Problems

• 03 “Shoes and Socks – Take ‘Em Off!” Office Poster (English and Spanish)

• 04 Motivating Health Behavior Change in Brief Clinical Encounters

• 05 The Latino Patient and Diabetes

• 06 The African-American Patient and Diabetes

• 07 The Asian-American Patient and Diabetes



Easy-to-Read Patient Education Materials
• 01

Take Control of Your Diabetes


Tome control de su diabetes

• 02

Control Diabetes: My Action Plan to Control My Blood Sugar


Control de la diabetes: Mi plan de acción para controlar mi azúcar en la sangre

• 03

Control Diabetes: Low Blood Glucose (Sugar)


Controle la diabetes: Glucose (azúcar) bajo en la sangre

• 04

Control Diabetes: Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers


Control de la diabetes: Sepa su nivel de azúcar en la sangre

• 05

Control Diabetes: Why do I need Medicine?


Control de la diabetes: ¿Por qué necesito medicamentos?

• 06

Control Diabetes: Why do I need Insulin?


Control de la diabetes: ¿Por qué necesito insulina?

• 07

Control Diabetes: First Steps in Healthy Eating


Controle la diabetes: Los primeros pasos para comer saludable

• 08

Foot Care with Diabetes


Diabetes: El cuidado de los pies

• 09

Control Diabetes: Getting Past Denial


Controlando su diabetes: Superando la negación

• 10

Stress and Your Diabetes


Estrés y su diabetes

• 11

Dealing with Diabetes and Depression


Enfrentando la diabetes y la depresión

• 12

Control Diabetes: Managing Your Anger


Controlando su diabetes: Manejando su enojo



* These public domain materials were developed in 2005 by the Health Education Work Group of the California Department of Health Services, Medi-Cal Managed Care Division.

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