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ACA Attested and Eligible Specialists ACA 1202 Claims Readjudication

Guidelines for Use of Psychotropic Medications in Foster Care

Reimbursement for Alcohol and Substance Disorder Services

New Inpatient Hospital Discharge Form

Postpartum (PP) Incentive: Changes to the PP Form

New Form for Reporting Provider Preventable Conditions

Expanded Benefit for CLIA Waived Labs

2015 CPT-4 and HCPCS Codes Not Yet Adopted for Medi-Cal

CHDP Billing for Purchased Vaccines

Weight Watchers Support Program Prior to Bariatric Surgery Referral

Medi-Cal Access Program - AIM Eligibility Change

Measles Tools for Clinicians

Procedure Codes for Physical Therapy

Bariatric Surgery Referral Process

Change in Benefit for EKG Rates

Guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

Care Based Incentives Quick Reference Guide

Select the link above for a quick and easy summary on how to navigate the Alliance incentive program for primary care providers. You will find useful links for CBI forms and details on how to participate.

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