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ICE Tool Kit

Better Communication, Better Care:
Provider Tools to Care for Diverse Populations

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A: Resources to Assist Communication with a Diverse Patient Population Base

01 A Guide to Information in Section A

02 Working with Diverse Patients: Tips for Successful Patient Encounters

03 Partnering with Diverse Patients: Tips for Office Staff to Enhance Communication

04 Nonverbal Communication and Patient Care

05 “Diverse”: A Mnemonic for Patient Encounters

06 Tips for Identifying and Addressing Health Literacy Issues

07 Interview Guide for Hiring Office/Clinic Staff with Diversity Awareness


B: Resources to Communicate Across Language Barriers

01 A Guide to Information in Section B

02 Tips for Communicating Across Language Barriers

03 10 Tips for Working with Interpreters

04 Tips for Locating Interpreter Services

05 Telephonic Interpreting Companies

06 Language Identification Flashcards

07 Common Signs in Multiple Languages (English-Spanish-Vietnamese- Chinese)

08 Common Sentences in Multiple Languages (English-Spanish-Vietnamese-Chinese)

09 Employee Language Skills Self-Assessment Tool


C: Resources to Increase Awareness of Cultural Background and Its Impact on Health Care Delivery

01 A Guide to Information in Section C

02 Let’s Talk About Sex

03 Pain Management Across Cultures

04 Cultural Background: Information on Special Topics

05 Promoting Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness: A Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Health Care Services

D: Reference Resources for Cultural and Linguistic Services

01 A Guide to Information in Section D

02 Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

03 Standards to Provide “CLAS” Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service

04 Executive Order 13166, August 2000

05 Bibliography of Major Sources Used in the Production of the Tool Kit

06 Cultural Competence Web Resources

07 Acknowledgement of Contributors from the ICE Cultural and Linguistic Workgroup




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